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Project Description

Radiodetection Pipe locator

The RD4000 takes its lead from Radiodetection’s renowned RD400 range, designed to meet the needs of the general operator and those wishing to gather information in more demanding areas.

The RD4000 however, takes cable and pipe detection to the next level with improved performance and the introduction of web compatibility.

Online support and re-configuration are available and extra features, frequencies and upgrades can be downloaded and installed. This means that the RD4000 can be tailored exactly to its users needs.

eatures include:

  • 1 button depth and current reading
  • Simplified 4 key interface and auto backlight
  • Passive and Active locate modes
  • Ergonomically designed and robust all-weather housing
  • PCM and ACID-M compatibility
  • Fault Find
  • Location of all electronic markers (RD4000MRX only)
  • Multi-meter functions (RD4000T10 only)