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Project Description

Buffalo International

Our oil tanks are qualified to be used by CCPC, TaiSugar, and many other gas stations.
Manufacturer of UL 58 & 1746 liquid Jacketed underground tanks for flammable liquids licenced by Buffalo International . Corp.

Buffalo tanks are coated with leaking-prove material and certified by US UL1746 FRP.
Side-leaking detecting sensors are installed within the layer between Steel tank and FRP leaking-protection coating to detect leaking or corrosion.

Buffalo tanks are proved and certified by US UL58. The steel plate meets ASTM A-283 GR.C regulations with 8MM or 9MM thickness. The layer is formed between Steel tank and FRP by Latex Coated Paper.

Buffalo tanks meet the Executive Yuan Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation, “Underground gas tank for new gas station should have two protecting layers.”
Buffalo Tanks also passed the 35000 Volt leaking test.

Buffalo tank has two regular sizes, 30KL and 50KL.
Its volume, pit, and thickness can be customized.